Leif Podhajsky


Moving record covers, holograms and a psychedelic state of mind with Leif Podhajsky
Design 5 months ago

Five Before Five: Rei Inamoto Takes Us Back to Tokyo

The five Japanese designers that had a profound influence on his life.
Design 5 months ago
Tea Uglow by Christopher Phillips

Designing Woman

Tea Uglow is a Google creative director, she is also a transgender woman. Here she speaks exclusively to SP about her life and work.
Design 6 months ago
Semi Permanent

Semi Permanent Sydney 2016

Done & Dusted
Design 7 months ago
Stefan Sagmeister

The Pursuit of Happiness

Looking like shit, falling in love, and a few more things that motivate Stefan Sagmeister
Design 7 months ago
Gail Bichler's New York Times covers

Five Before Five: Gail Bichler's New York Times covers

The New Yorke Times Design Director, Gail Bichler's five making the cover moments
Design 8 months ago
Rebranding Judaism

Uberising Judaism

Close Encounters: What happened when IDEO & Futurist Dav Rauch got together for Shabbos
Design 9 months ago

Semi Permanent


Everything we do in our day-to-day lives is a product of someone else’s design; the clothes we wear, our method of transport, the way we communicate.

It’s a problem-solving process of logic, imagination, intuition and reasoning that has the power to create serious impact.

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